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Welcome to Glomartech’s new ways of Thinking, Innovations of products that are State-of-Art Engineer.       

TODAY our Worldwide customers have now more than ever these unusual opportunity to buy from anywhere in the world our wide variety of High-Technologies and the Non-Tech products with its many services.     Choosing from the many products and services has therefore become a challenging consumer task as research into quality control, products research, business consultants, presentations, services, many pricing, economic lending for our products, and worldwide professional support with professional representatives requires much time.   That is why…we made easier today for you.          


Glomartech PRODUCTS:


CDMA Cellular Towers:      

This product can be placed anywhere along any roads where there is lots of traffic, and will cover more wider range than the Analog Technology.  


CDMA Cellular Systems: 

  • SC 9600 –
  • DCS 1600 –
  • SC 2400  
  • HPSC 
  • DCS 4800 
  • Open Interface A +

This technology systems for application of today and in the future and they are these CDMA Cellular products.



The fastest way to PCS, and advanced wireless solutions   5GHz.  GSM is a Technology already established as predominant worldwide standard for digital cellular.  Glomartech offers the technology, products and networking experience to help you move into PCS quickly and easily. 


PPS-200   Wireline Quality with Tetherless Mobility

New technologies and system designs combine with the broad spectrum allocations for personal communications services (PCS), provide unprecedented opportunity to participate in the move wire to wireless communications.


CAB. COM Infrastructure:       

This powerful product is a super highway of information that will be installed anywhere in any rural highly economically stable places, and this are powerful in its usage…and only some countries economically stable can use can use this important technology.


CDMA Cellular - TELEPHONE handsets      

All of these telephones handsets listed, Glomartech with a contract will send you in one big business package.


Cyber Test equipment: 

This is wireless, and is for testing calibrating the CDMA Cellular Equipment, or for the testing PCS Equipment.  Also, we have others for Analog Cellular Testing, and they are cost savings, flexible, adaptable, more powerful, programmed to suite your specific needs.        


Wireless Data digital: 

For innumerable applications, that can be installed in the Capitals, Provinces in the world, (only for overseas markets.


CDMA Questioner:  Contains several pages, we will provide sending you when we have the Glomartech business contract, when you buy those products. 


PROTEUS/CM-400 Series    UHF Receivers  and Transmitters, (For the  Airports Tower-Control, anywhere in the World):

UHF transmitter and receiver advantages are;

  • Microprocessor Controller for highly reliable and comprehensive radio control, switching, measurement, self-test, memory and remote interface functions.
  • Patent SMARTFilters
  • 10 Watts or 50 Watts of adjustable transmitter power.
  • Receiver mean-time between failure (MTBF) that exceeds 14,000 hours.
  • AC/DC operation with automatic switch-over in every radio.
  • Optional RF filters for extreme co-location immuty.
  • Fully synthesized tuning to measure frequency accuracy and stability.
  • Low module, low parts count for decreased operating temperatures and increased reliability.
  • Exceptional co-location performance and EMI immunity.
  • Embedded Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) via RS-232 that let you select, change or reset key operating parameters in remote-site radios.  RCMS also let you monitor the day-to-day performance for optimal communications control.
  • One year warranty.
  • 24 hours service and engineering support hotline.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. ALL OF these ABOVE, and BELLOW written  wil come with a team of engineers, and the products is US well tested and manufactured in the USA using our latest ideas and machines….and these products we can send to you anywhere in your cities in separate business packages and to any countries in the World.


High Speed Internet:   MAYBE TO INCLUDE     

Will work faster than any time in ’16-2017 year plus for many years to come, and your country executives can buy this product from anywhere in world.


Airplanes parts:     

Engines, Fuselage and much more.



F-35A Lightning II:

Aircraft & all its Parts;       

 THIS IS A NEW PRODUCTS: ……..Virtually undetectable to an enemy that cannot hide, the conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) F35A gives the US Air Force and allies the the power to dominate the skies-anytime anywhere.  Its and agile, versatile, high performance 9g multirole fighter that provides unmatched capability and unprecedented situational awareness.       

The F-35A advanced sensors package is designed to gather and distribute more information than any fighter in history, giving operators a decisive advantage over all adversaries.  Its tremendous processing power, open architecture, sophisticate sensors, information fusion and flexible communication links makes F15 an indispensable tool in future homeland defense, joint and coalition irregular warfare, and major combat operations.

ATTN:  Selling the newest planes will include all its parts, and we can send our Professional representatives to anywhere in the world.


Iridium Satellites:

These State- of- Art newest satellite and many services, and satellite Telephones and all the services that we can provide for you, and we will send you our professional representatives, and they are for any countries worldwide.



Your window to a clear and simple Cellular World.

A world where you can;

  • Achieve outstanding visibility of your EMX  network while reducing your labor and operating expenses.
  • Improve service quality through faster fault detection and State-of-the Art engineering and planning tools.
  • Extract key information from a wealth of data with unprecedented ease.  Deliver what your subscriber demand–an exceptional level of service.



Two-Way-Radios……Wireless Products:

THIS…..MANY…. NEW products is to use in many, many applications;  such as in constructions communications, sailing communications and much more;

  • Vertex/BC95 Portable
  • VX-231 Portable
  • Vx-354 Portable
  • VX-4500/VX-4600 Mobile
  • VXR-7000/VXR-9000 Repeaters
  • FC-/F1000VHF/F2000F Portables
  • IC-F10000VHF/2000T UHF Portables
  • IDAS F3101D UHF/F4101D UHF Portables
  • IDAS IC-F3261DS/DS/DT/F426 IDS/DT Portables
  • IC-F9011B/S/T  Portables
  • PRIME Trooper SPM-2100 Series Water Resistant Speaker -Microphone
  • Variety Headsets
  • Glomartech SNC-ER 585 Rapid Dome Camera
  • Glomartech Remote Call Boxes


FOR ANY PRODUCTS ON ABOVE LEFT SIDE LISTED NUMBERS ……Call us from anywhere, Fax us…SOON, From the Post Office send us letters, OR E-mail us to let us know ….What specific Products do you need!!!!!!!!  and we will let you know about each prices to anywhere in the world.  We are at your disposition to answer any questions assisting you soon today.     

…….Also, Glomartech have many other NEW products….let us know your NEEDS NOW….  

TO ANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD:  Glomartech’s all written informations are property owned, and it is….Trade Mark – TM-’16-2017.     PS.  If needs occur  for today or near future for our clients:  Glomartech can, and will provide financing incentives so the Telecomm and Non-Telecomm Executives can buy  your products, and services (call us NOW).

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